Catharsis is a clean carpet

I am not a hoarder……

Collector maybe. Procrastinator perhaps.. Maybe overly ambitious with regard to starting projects…..but I refuse to admit to being a hoarder. Yet I find myself going through (and in most cases dismantling) a very large collection of partially started, half finished (and in some cases much more than half finished but now several sizes too small) projects whose origins began somewhere around the mid 1980’s.

These projects are a mixture of curtains, trousers, underwear, kilts, tops and jackets but the most interesting is a couple of jumpers. One is red ribbed and consists of two sleeves and a back; so it is three-quarters finished. The other, a soft teal blue, is even more complete. I even had the front and back joined together and one of the sleeves all sewn up. It will probably only take half an hour to finish it, and when I’m done, the person I was knitting it for might just get it for Christmas – 30 years after it was started! It is just far too complete for me to throw out.

Another project I am reluctant to throw out, and 22 years overdue, is a tapestry with a lot of different browns. I originally stopped working on this because my eyesight was deteriorating at an accelerated rate and I couldn’t differentiate the subtle differences between the shades under lights (the only time I had to myself at the time was in the evenings). Now I have glasses I might just see if I can finally get it finished and shipped off to its new owner – it was started as a 21st Birthday present!

Of course there have been previous clean-up attempts but abhorring waste and not wanting to give up, I’ve, clearly, continually put the projects back in the pile. This is something I can no longer afford to do.

As a result of all this, however, the sunroom (so called because of its proximity in the design of the house) but otherwise practically known as the sewing room (or junk room for those who don’t appreciate its contents) has been, not insignificantly, lightened of its load.

I can finally see the carpet on the floor…and can happily move on to the next project….

One thought on “Catharsis is a clean carpet

  1. Amazing how the prospect of having to store what you can’t take with you motivates the cull. 🙂

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