Aboard Sengo – April 2022


We have been hanging around the Gold Coast for the past four months. This has been intentional due to some ongoing medical appointments, the uptake of which was entirely my choice. However, this means that our activities are essentially the same week after week, and the scenery doesn’t change much, and April, as per most of the previous three months, was spent predominantly in our two usual Gold Coast anchorages; one within a twenty minute tinnie ride to the shops, and one a bit more isolated but good for wind and weather protection. Whilst our anchorages can be calm, serene and quite pretty (sunsets are particularly nice from our spot at our gutter anchorage) we are however getting to a point where a change in scenery would be appreciated. A new experience every day would be nice – something to aspire to when the dust settles. Whilst the scenery for April compared to March may have been similar, fortunately the amount of water falling from the sky was not – a slight reprieve from having to constantly deal with our leaky top hatches. Aboard Sengo April 2022 is 1.2 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – April 2022

    • Hi Sue! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well in your patch of the world. Yes, the leaky hatch saga is driving us mad, and had I stopped to really concentrate on it every time we got a set back, I would have been certifiable – a straight jacket was looking on the cards for a while. We hope it is resolved soon too… we don’t want another cruising season worrying about internal waterfalls!

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