Aboard Sengo – February 2022


February’s newsletter is, like January’s newsletter was, very late. February’s newsletter did, like January’s newsletter did, almost have me pulling my hair out! (What’s left of it!) Because February’s newsletter was almost written and fully constructed when the old computer packed up, there was a preexisting templated document that I was hoping to work with. However, life is never that simple, and whilst I have learnt to deal with some of the transition issues between the old and the new, I have not learnt to deal with all of them. So, I ended up constructing this document three times to get rid of all the glitches; there will be typos, grammatical errors and layout oopses. But, at this point, I am sorry to say, I don’t care (my normal pedantic editor self is not impressed, but instead mentally worn out!). As per January, medical issues kept us around the Gold Coast juggling access times, car hire and weather events to get to shore each week; so unusual and new activities in February were limited, and mostly a boring repeat of the month before.

Aboard Sengo February 2022 is 1.7 MEG.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – February 2022

  1. The succession of strong and rainy weather events certainly has made it tedious for us all. It is hard to escape the leaks. Interested to hear Andrew got himself a drone. He’ll have fun!

    • Hi Chris. Yes, got to love that rain! Andrew has spent a fair bit of time on YouTube looking at how to play with his new toy; we got one small enough so we can take it to Canada, so hopefully we can get some great scenic shots.

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