Aboard Sengo – May 2021

May’s newsletter is somewhat later than preferred but after I’d finished and published the Tassie Trail write up I found my enthusiasm for anything close to producing documentation had waned somewhat, to the point of not being bothered to open the computer.

May was also not necessarily an exciting month – we spent half of it still waiting around the Gold Coast for those missing toilet parts.  By the end of the month however we had made progress, we were moving north. 

We hadn’t quite made the tropics – but we were getting close!

Aboard Sengo May 2021 is 3.2 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2021

  1. A few nice shots in the middle of a lot of waiting for gear! We know the feeling!

    Your new kayak is interesting. We debated getting a double inflatable one but it is too hard to store inflated, so sticking to the singles and we’ll see if they get more use this season.

    • Hi Chris. I admit the inflatable kayak is not exactly small packed down – but it is smaller and more convenient than what we had. And it does only take around 5 minutes to blow up – although putting the other bits in takes a bit more time. Best wishes with scheduling in more padding – that is our aim as well!

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