Aboard Sengo – May 2018

Sengo anchored at Ceduna

May was a comedy of errors and mis-timings, and waiting around for things to get fixed (or spending time trying to fix them) that in the end, didn’t need to be… and if we didn’t laugh about it, we’d cry. Of course all the waiting periods were during lovely calm weather and when we were ready to leave or travel anywhere the wind was too strong to do any exploring. An Irishman named Murphy is to blame of course…

So we hung around the Ceduna area, in the decreasing temperatures for longer than we expected, enduring temperatures as low as 0.00 degrees overnight and longing for the tropical north. On the upside we did get the tinnie engine serviced. And we did become the talk of the town! Enjoy Aboard Sengo May 2018. (The file is 6.6MEG)

Note: May’s Aboard Sengo is a bit late as I had to wait until we got to Port Lincoln before I could replace my computer charger.

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2018

    • 🙂 We are trying! April and May certainly had some moments we would have preferred not to experience. We will be jumping east then north as soon as we are able.

  1. The pictures in your newsletter had me oohing and ahhing over and again onboard Amandla this morning. I am sorry to hear of your ongoing struggles with Tinnie but love the stories of how you’ve captured the hearts and minds of the locals in Ceduna. Looking forward to your June post. Stay warm!

  2. Thanks Lisa, We are still not sure if the tinnie is perfectly fixed now but will persevere with it for the moment. Staying warm is definitely a priority – we have bought ourselves an electric heater for those times we are tied up to mains power!

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