Aboard Sengo – January 2018

Sunset Rockingham

At the end of January we expected to be somewhere on Western Australia’s south west coast continuing our circumnavigation of Australia. However, circumstances got in the way and at the end of the month we found ourselves back at the Fremantle Sailing Club. As I am still working out how to use my new camera,  I apologise in advance for the out of focus photographs. As usual Fremantle has been windy, and occasionally wet. Apparently this is normal for January. Enjoy Aboard Sengo – January 2018. (the fie is 8.1 Meg).

5 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – January 2018

  1. I hope Tiger feels better soon! We loved the supermoon and eclipse here in Thailand as well but none of my images turned out as well as yours. And I love that man and horse sculpture.

    • Thanks, Lisa. That is high praise, especially as it comes from someone who actually knows their way around a camera. I actually found the man and horse sculpture quite ‘surreal’ (perhaps that isnt quite the right word but I am struggling to find an apt description). You may also be amused to know that I think of you everytime I see any street art or murals. 🙂 (and as there is quite a lot of art around Fremantle (in various guises) you have been on my mind quite a lot). Safe travels when you finally drop the lines. Xxx

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