Aboard Sengo – February 2016

Tangalooma Wrecks, Morton Island

Tangalooma Wrecks, Morton Island

For a great chunk of February we got ‘stuck’ at Mooloolaba, (partially due to un-favourable winds generated  by ex Tropical Cyclone Winston) but from then on it was just a matter of heading south to the Gold Coast in order to get Sengo prepared for the upcoming sailing season.  Unfortunately there was only a small amount of socialising on the way. Whist ‘stuck’ at Mooloolaba we did however get the Apple computer  fixed so hopefully March’s Aboard Sengo will be back to the normal format. Enjoy Aboard Sengo February 2016. (The file is 2.8meg)

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – February 2016

  1. A few familiar places this time. Maleny – hope you boycotted Safeway. The local community fought long and hard against this going in, but they lost, but most locals still support their IGA. Why am I not surprised about the various states and the computer systems!! Broad and narrow gauge railways, internet version.
    We loved Montville’s many galleries and craft shops. Some really beautiful work. And the Mary Cairncross gardens are much better enjoyed without a screaming kid.

    • Hi Sue, It is always the way of course, the small businesses fight the big business coming into town. Clearly they don’t always win…and with regard to any future situation involving recalcitrant children in parks, I will pipe up next time and tell the parents that the signs that ask us to be quiet are there so we can all enjoy the walk. Some people just don’t seem to care. ‘Quite annoying.

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