Aboard Sengo – April 2015

Sunrise 25 April 2015

Sunrise 25 April 2015

In April we finally got north of Sydney; even though we are going back south again for a couple of weeks in May. Winter has hit Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW with vengeance and cyclonic level winds.

We are very grateful, whilst experiencing some of this, that we’ve come away unscathed. For some inexplicable reason this month’s newsletter seems to be smaller in size – a fact which a lot of you will probably appreciate…. Enjoy..Aboard Sengo April 2015

[Addendum May 2015. The above text and associated newsletter/report were published prior to May 2015 and prior to ‘purringalong.com.au.’ The reader will therefore have to forgive any disconnect between the introduction text and possibly that of the associated newsletter/report content and this current point in time]

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – April 2015

  1. Oh my! What an adventurous time you’ve had!! Scary moments for you but the poor cat!! Hope all are recovered and enjoying your literal sea change xxxx

    • Thanks for your comments and support, Dawn. The cat is still tentative about going out the back of the cockpit, and I have a permanent scar below my lower lip. Ah well..all part of the adventure.

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