OM? There might just be a DOG!

Those of you who are familiar with the joke about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac laying awake all night will smile. For those unfamiliar with the joke, I’ll let you think about it for a minute…..

…and the reason for my exclamation – I received a letter today from the Melbourne City Council– withdrawing my fine! Justice has prevailed…

I’ve been into to the city just once since that fateful day…and I’ve again paid for meter parking (ironically at the meter I noticed the technician at last time) but this time I paid with coins. I will never trust my credit card in one of those machines again……

On a completely different note…..I’ve finally got around to listing the house on the internet. We are still refining the ad – and fortunately we can update it whenever we want (more technology processes to learn).  And I might even consider a premium ad. Once the landscaping has been completed, we will probably replace half the photos. Now it is just a hopeful waiting game. I’ve had some terrific support from members of the community offering to put up flyers for the house for me. I’ve also been frustrated by the disappearing flyer from the notice board of one of the local general stores. I like to think the world is full of positive supportive people, but it is clearly occupied by others that are just simply rude –  last week I replaced that notice 5 times in 4 days (the first time it was removed was within 30 minutes!). Of course, I’m not going to let them beat me….I’ll just keep replacing it until they get sick of taking it down…

Still lots of work to do on the house (finishing the painting and cleaning) and the coming long weekend provides a good block of time to get some serious work done – however there is no resting on my laurels yet…I look forward to the day though (hopefully not too far in the future) where I can spend my afternoons without a care in the world – bit like  my furry friend from Taronga here …..

Binturong sleeping

Snooze time!

One thought on “OM? There might just be a DOG!

  1. Wow! A win against the parking ‘dogs’. Well done. I try and keep a coin stash in the ash tray for my rare trips into meter land. Have fun with the weekend projects. I’m sure they won’t beat you with the noticeboard. 😊

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