Changes afoot…….

…..small pieces add up.

Life’s big issues always seem so overwhelming.

I think the only way to deal with these is to follow the old adage that says big projects need to be broken down into small pieces in order to be manageable. Firstly, with this very project, I’ve changed the colours on this blog and for the moment I like the black background. I’ve also changed the banner in order to make the look a bit more my own. If you are curious, the view is of Goat Island Nature Reserve in northern Tasmania.

But on my bigger projects I have also broken jobs down into manageable bits.  For instance, in the painting of the house, I’ve broken the job into 1.5 hour sessions  and as a result have completed, over the past week, two coats of paint for six large windows – I now only have 19 more to go!  After that , I’ve got to get through some of the external cladding. The weather hasn’t helped much and the wind is a real problem. At this point I’m grabbing every available moment.

The garden is also a big project I’ll need to break down– but I’ll finish the painting first.

There was something else that got broken down into little bites in order to get a big job done this week–what was it? Oh, yes – the election. Apparently we have a new government. I wonder what else they will break down?

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